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Questions tagged [toxicology]

The study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms.

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36 votes
2 answers

How many almonds does it take to get cyanide poisoning?

I was at lunch today and the conversation turned to almonds and their cyanide content. One co-worker said almonds contain a lot of cyancide and the number of almonds that can kill you surprisingly low....
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Has anyone died from eating fruit pits that contain amygdalin (cyanide)? [duplicate]

It's often noted that fruit pits, the hardened seeds inside peaches, cherries, and plums, contain amygdalin, which breaks down into cyanide in the body. It is also often noted that apple seeds and ...
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31 votes
5 answers

Is wheat the cause of numerous, serious health problems?

This morning, I stumbled across a realfarmacy article which poses the question [Note: the linked page breaks in Chrome but worked in Firefox]: Why is there such a strong emphasis on the development ...
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Are dioxins the most toxic chemicals known to science?

Dioxins are implicated in The Seveso disaster in Italy and the lingering disputes about deformities and birth defects caused by the use of the Agent Orange defoliant in the Vietnam war (Wikipedia ...
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Long term effects of sucralose

I can't find any information about long-term negative effects of Sucralose consumption other than a very high toxicity level claimed by several studies. There is lots of speculation online about how ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Did a prisoner die from a needle prick when he was told that it was a snake bite?

I read somewhere that there was a prisoner facing a death sentence sometime before the 1950s, on whom a psychological experiment was conducted. Experiment: He was blindfolded and told that he would be ...
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Is bamboo charcoal safely edible?

Bamboo charcoal is made up of pieces of bamboo, which are taken from plants five years or older and burned inside an oven at temperatures over 1000°C. Bamboo charcoal is well known about its high ...
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