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A sanitation fixture used primarily for the disposal of human excrement and urine.

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Is there a church in Ireland that has as its ministry providing toilets for local pub patrons?

My pastor today preached an illustration which he received from John Upton, head of the Baptist World Alliance, a large missions organization. He tells this story (paraphrased) in order to illustrate ...
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Are objects such as towels, bank notes, carpets, shopping trolleys and light switches dirtier than a toilet seat?

Are objects such as towels, bank notes, carpet, shopping trolleys and light switches listed in blogs such as these and these really dirtier than an average toilet seat since Dr Chuck Gerba, professor ...
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Are wall-mounted urinals more sanitary than floor mounted units?

Men's urinals can either be mounted on a wall, or can extend all the way to the floor. According to this page, floor mounted urinals are less desirable because: Floor Mount These units are ...
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Is toilet paper roll orientation related to personality?

According to Over or under? The science of toilet paper orientation and Over or under? The great toilet paper debate ... some studies suggest that the answer is more than coincidence. For ...
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