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for questions about claims based on tobacco.

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44 votes
3 answers

Do 80 to 90 percent of lifelong smokers never develop lung cancer?

Joshua Hawkins of has stated that 80 to 90 percent of lifelong smokers never develop lung cancer. To quote the article: Scientists may have discovered why lifelong smokers never get lung ...
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1 answer

Does tobacco kill half of its consumers?

A World Health Organization "meme" doing the rounds claims: Tobacco is the only product that kills half its consumers. There are two claims here: That tobacco kills half its consumers. That no ...
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3 answers

Is tobacco smoke an antioxidant?

While reading the works of a popular nutrition guru who happens to be a food chemistry scientist I stumbled about his claim that the antioxidant theory of health benefits derived from them was ...
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Are teens who vape more likely to become smokers?

eCigarettes are controversial. Some people regard them as a major health improvement because they are far less harmful than "real" cigarettes. Others seem to think they are just another way for the ...
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38 votes
3 answers

Would eating a packet of cigarettes be fatal?

World Education, a group that promote literacy, have a resource for understanding the risks of tobacco, which claims: Chemicals in cigarettes and cigarette smoke are known to cause not only cancer ...
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Does fetal tobacco smoke exposure cause permanent harm?

The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development says: However, the evidence from literature on both animals and humans is very convincing: smoking during pregnancy is a contributing factor to ...
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3 answers

Does Marijuana deposit four times the tar in the lungs as tobacco?

This picture is from Emily Miller's Facebook page shows one lung divided into two parts one labeled Tobacco and one labeled Marijuana. The Marijuana side is substantially less-healthy looking and the ...
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Could smoking cause erectile dysfunction?

I was told that smoking 'menthol' cigarettes could cause erectile dysfunction. But I don't know how much of this is true so I wanted to know how much of this is true... Here is an example of the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Do people smoke only due to psychological reasons?

Many smokers have told me that smoking gives them immense pleasure - that they let go of all their worries when they smoke a cigarette. Their descriptions of the sensations produced are quite similar ...
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Can John Morgan use hypnosis to cause people to quit smoking or lose weight?

John Morgan Seminars claim to be able to do two things via hypnosis: Cause someone to quit smoking forever (the radio commercial indicates usefulness for those smoking 3+ packs a day) and Cause ...
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Snus or smoking tobacco: Which one is more harmful

Recently, governments in developed countries have been trying to reduce smoking. In Sweden, perhaps due to these efforts or because of the cold climate (because it's impossible to smoke outside in ...
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