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It is feasible to produce energy at 2ct/KWh using alpha-, beta- and gammavoltaics?

At Tuesdays COP26 session called Economics of Climate Change a company called Infinite Power proposed a carbon neutral way to provide baseload for electricity grid. Their technology claims work by a &...
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Did researchers create a graphene device that drew "free" power from the ionic thermal motion?

A 2012 pre-print, Self-Charged Graphene Battery Harvests Electricity from Thermal Energy of the Environment claims that a graphene device was used to generate a voltage of 0.35V by capturing some of ...
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Central heating cheaper to run 24 hours or on timer? [duplicate]

In this day and age where people are constantly being told to save energy to help reduce global warming etc. I have heard many people ("experts" and non-experts alike) say the opposite of each other ...
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Does physics give a climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide of about 3°C?

A letter to the editor of the Economist from Professor Anders Levermann of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research stated the following: The IPCC’s range on sensitivity is supported by, ...
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Does the second law of thermodynamics contradict the Big Bang Theory?

This question on Skeptics.SE regarding evolution and thermodynamics got me thinking. I always assumed that creationists argued that the Big Bang, and not evolution violated the 2nd Law of ...
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