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Has there ever been a burglary or assault from someone keeping an old key and using it on new owners?

It's "common knowledge" that you should change keys on move-in. Usually this is suggested to avoid burglary (or for Googlers and more casual conversation, "robbery"). But has ...
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Do many people write down their safe combination?

I'm having a hard time believing that "a lot of safe owners" actually write down their combination and keep it in the same room. Surprisingly, many people write the combination down near the safe, ...
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Has anyone been caught using inductive coupling to steal power?

There are lots of references to the claim that people have stolen power through inductive coupling on the Internet: The most common claim it that it was a farmer somewhere that noticed electricity ...
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Did Colorado replace any 420 mile markers with a 419.99 mile marker to deter theft?

This claim has been circulating on Facebook: Although marijuana is now legal in Colorado, I don't see any particular attraction to mile markers from this state, as US mile markers are pretty standard-...
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