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Am I drinking myself sick from the plastic in tea bags?

You’d probably be surprised to learn that most tea bags contain up to 25% plastic. ... says Green Child magazine, and thus A cup of tea contains ... plastic ... at 16 micrograms per cup... plastic ...
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Was adding milk to tea started to reduce employee tea break time?

I was talking about the all important Tea Making Process to a fellow Brit the other day, and he told me that the real reason we add milk to tea is: “It cools the tea down, so you can drink it faster. ...
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Does drinking matcha tea reduce LDL cholesterol in humans?

Matcha is a "stone-ground Japanese-style green tea". There have been many health claims associated with it. In particular, it is said to be good for cholesterol levels: For example: Noble ...
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Is honey toxic when heated up in tea?

Last night, we ran out of sugar so I suggested to add honey in tea but my cousin said it would have very harmful effect on health and then he showed me these link1, link2 claiming: While warm water ...
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Does drinking coffee or tea dehydrate you?

It is widely claimed that despite being made mostly of water, drinking coffee or tea will actually dehydrate you, because the caffeine is a a diuretic. Here is an example from the SFGate news site ...
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Does drinking black tea increase prostate cancer risk?

A Scottish study in 2012 claimed that heavy black tea drinkers are at higher risk for prostate cancer. A new study from Scotland has found that men who are heavy tea drinkers may be at higher risk ...
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Do the Celestial Seasonings teas contain dangerously high pesticide levels?

Someone on r/tea suggested updating the Celestial Seasonings (a tea brand) wikipedia page "to include the pesticide thing." A Google search finds a response of Celestial Seasonings to these ...
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Do tea cosies keep a pot of tea warm?

Wikipedia claims, without attribution, that a tea cosy: ... insulates a teapot, keeping the contents warm The purveyor's of these teapot covers follow a similar vein: Pretty, original and practical,...
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Does the point when milk is added to tea make a significant difference to the final drink?

I once had a conversation with a colleague about the correct way to make tea. He stated that adding milk to hot tea "scalds the milk". Won't having hot water poured into some milk "scald" it just as ...
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Is drinking tea after a meal unhealthy?

There is a popular belief that drinking tea shortly after meal can cause health problems and is also dangerous to anemic people. Drinking tea just after a meal restricts the body's absorption of ...
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Does drinking too much tea cause kidney stones?

A quick Google search provides several pages that suggest drinking tea can lead to kidney stones. For example: Avoid drinking too much tea or coffee. -Victorian Government's Better Health site The ...
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Does Milk in Black tea "completely abolish" all positive effects of the tea?

A few weeks ago my wife told me to drink only black tea with no milk, because she saw somewhere that milk cancels out the benefits of the tea. I did some googling and found this: "Black tea ...
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Does tea contain as much ( or more ) caffeine as coffee?

This question arose from my personal experience - after quitting coffee, I switched to drinking tea ( a lot of tea ). One day there was no tea, and I had a terrible headache, similar to the first days ...
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