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Questions tagged [taxes]

The primary means by which governments raise revenue. Taxes can be levied on almost any aspect of economic activity.

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Does the Netherlands allow letterbox companies to exist as long as they have a houseplant in their empty office?

The following article came to my attention: OneWorld - Kunstenares Tinkebell toert langs kamerplanten van belastingontwijkers (Dutch). It describes how an artist will be doing tours of companies ...
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Did Trump save on taxes by burying his ex wife on a golf course?

This article claims that burying Ivana Trump on a Bedminster golf course eliminates property, income and sales tax. Trump is accused of burying Ivana at his Bedminster golf club to take advantage of ...
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Does Toomey's amendment to the GOP Tax Bill only benefit Hillsdale College?

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just said this on the Senate floor, regarding the Republican Tax Bill: One college, Hillsdale College, has been exempted from taxes on colleges with large ...
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Are these claims about tax paid in the 2017-2018 Australian tax year accurate?

On December 14, 2019, the Australian Greens posted a claim to their Facebook feed about taxes paid by individuals and various entities. The claim is in the image on this page, but essentially the ...
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Did Elon Musk pay more in taxes than every politician in the world combined?

A tweet claims Elon Musk paid more in tax than every politician on earth combined: Which, if correct, is extraordinary. So, did he?
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Does tax evasion in the EU cost 1 trillion € per year?

In a meme that’s floating around, various social costs are compared to tax evasion in the EU, which is claimed to mount up to 1 000 000 000 000 Euro annually. Here is an example: The Swedish text ...
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Did Whiskey taxation make up 30%-50% of England's revenue?

In this article it is claimed that (1st paragraph): Especially in England and Ireland, it became the drink of choice, and through taxation, came to contribute 30%-50% of the nation’s revenue. This ...
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Did Americans leave behind over $1bn in tax refunds in 2012?

In this television advertisement H&R Block claims that: Last year, thinking they could do their own taxes, Americans left behind more than a billion dollars. Did American tax payers leave ...
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