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Are post-vaginoplasty recipients more suicidal?

According to this study: METHODS: All persons undergoing feminizing (vaginoplasty) and masculinizing (metoidioplasty/ phalloplasty) genital gender affirming surgery were identified in California from ...
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Methodology of the Cass review [closed]

This week Dr Hilary Cass published her report on the review of gender identity services for children and young people. The report is on a divisive topic, and though I have my opinion, in this question ...
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Does gender transitioning do nothing to help suicidal ideation?

According to the article A landmark Finnish study is changing how we approach transgender kids: A major new study out of Finland found that providing cross-sex hormones and gender-transition ...
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Do surgeons refuse to operate "to keep their own statistics clean"?

I was curious about this thrice-upvoted comment, which says: Surgeons are also known for refusing to operate in order to maintain their ratios. So I Googled it and it seems surgeons can refuse to ...
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Are women 32% more likely to die if operated on by a male surgeon? [closed]

An article in the Guardian reports this headline: Women 32% more likely to die after operation by male surgeon, study reveals The author of the original report also claims: In our 1.3 million ...
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Is forced organ donation widespread in China? (强制摘取犯器官的行为已经实施了?) [duplicate]

On December 10, 2018, Sir Geoffrey Nice made the following statement: The Tribunal’s members are all certain – unanimously, and sure beyond reasonable doubt – that in China forced organ harvesting ...
15 votes
3 answers

Anaesthesia awareness: fact or myth?

It is usually phrased like a horror story: a patient feels like being trapped in a corpse, unable to move or scream and feeling intense pain, but surgeons continue to operate not noticing that patient ...
82 votes
1 answer

Are female surgeons less likely to kill you?

A 2017 article in The Times has the following headline: Female surgeons less likely to kill you, study finds The article reports: Patients operated on by a woman are less likely to die within a ...
23 votes
1 answer

Is or was the husband's knot/stitch a medical procedure?

The "husband's knot" or "husband's stitch" is supposedly a medical procedure that involves adding an extra suture when performing an episiotomy in order to make a woman's vagina tighter, resulting ...
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1 answer

Is tennis elbow surgery considered successful in 80% to 90% of patients?

I have read on the USC Website that: Tennis elbow surgery is considered successful in 80% to 90% of patients. It sounds to me like a high number, there is no reference and the page was written ...
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1 answer

Did doctor/journalist Sanjay Gupta perform brain surgery on a wounded soldier in the heat of war?

According to this recap of an interview of Dr Sanjay Gupta on the Dr Oz Show, there was an incident while he was acting as a journalist in a war zone in Iraq: While in Iraq, he encountered a ...
9 votes
3 answers

Do simple checklists applied in operating theatres significantly reduce the rates of complication and death from surgery?

Medical professionals are one of the most trusted groups in society. So we tend to trust them to do a good job without asking too many questions. So when a study showed that the simple application of ...
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1 answer

Have surgical guidelines on the use of beta-blockers killed tens of thousands of people?

Medical guidelines designed to avoid damage to the heart during non-cardiac surgery in Europe recommend the use of beta-blockers. But the guidance was partially written by and largely based on work by ...
7 votes
2 answers

Do Zerona laser treatments have any effect on fat reduction?

Zerona is a laser based non-invasive procedure that claims to reduce fat in targeted areas. They also appear to be FDA approved. However, I have seen claims that the FDA approval is not based on any ...
12 votes
1 answer

Is Lasik corrective eye surgery unsafe?

I was looking into Lasik vision correction surgery and came across an article by a former member of the FDA, Dr. Morris Waxler where he states that he wishes he had never approved Lasik surgery: But ...