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Have more people "been to space than have flown in a B-2?"

According to Popular Mechanics (emphasis added): More people have been to space than have flown in a B-2. ... A B-2 pilot at Whiteman [Air Force Base] told me that the number of astronauts who've ...
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Are North Korea launching satellites to provide cover for testing of long-range missile technology?

I see recently on the news that the US, Japan, and South Korea are opposed to North Korea's satellite launch because, they claim, it's a cover-up for testing long-range missile technology. From the ...
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Did Robert Brownlee express a belief that a manhole cover was launched into space by a nuclear test?

According to Snopes: the above-mentioned Brownlee doesn't believe the metal cap launched into space. However Business Insider states: Robert Brownlee, an astrophysicist who designed the nuclear ...
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Did the Soyuz 1 mission fail because of an ignored decimal point?

I am from an Eastern bloc nation. In my childhood I was taught that the Soyuz 1 mission failed because a decimal point was ignored during the pre-flight check, which was the cause of the parachute ...
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Did the Stuxnet virus attack the International Space Station?

Over at Extreme Tech Last year, news broke that a virus sabotaged the Iranian uranium enrichment program. It seemed all too convenient at the time — and as it turned out, the virus, Stuxnet, was ...
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