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Did Pik Botha Lobby For The Release Of Nelson Mandela?

In a 2013 interview from Al Jazeera, long-time South African Foreign Minister, Pik Botha claims that he long lobbied for the release of the future President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela who spent ...
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Was there an organized violent campaign targeting whites ("white genocide") in South Africa?

Many South African white nationalist sites claim there has been white genocide in South Africa. The following images were uploaded to Pinterest around 2015. Warning: These images may be disturbing as ...
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Did Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, and O.R. Tambo say these quotes?

The above image was posted on the South African Subreddit. The three quotes are as follows: What I fear is that the liberators emerge as elitists who drive around in Mercedes Benzes and use the ...
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Is South Africa the "protest capital of the world?"

If you’re South African, you often hear that “South Africa is the world’s protest capital”. There’s even a Wikipedia page that begins with this line. The origin of this statement, as far as I can tell,...
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Did Abbott oppose Mandela, and play rugby in South Africa during apartheid?

From (53 retweets, 22 favorites) #heyasio Some men fight for what is right, and achieve greatness. Others care only for themselves. In his Uni ...
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Can you buy a gun from a vending machine in Georgia or South Africa?

I read this article from a Facebook post: Daily Current: Georgia Legalizes Handgun Vending Machines I was skeptical, but then I found this article which says the vending machine is in South Africa: ...
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