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1 answer

Can Joy Milne smell Parkinson's disease?

There are plenty of online articles claiming that a woman called Joy Milne is able to tell whether someone has Parkinson disease by smell: A British woman who can smell Parkinson’s disease has ...
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Can anxiety increase body odor?

CalmClinic writes in Anxiety and the Connection to Body Odor: One of the main problems with the physical symptoms of anxiety is that many of them cause further anxiety. That's why so many people with ...
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Does the nose stop smelling a scent after a few minutes?

A teacher once told me that after detecting a new scent, you will only be able to smell it for a few minutes. Is this true? If so, why? What is the precise length of time one can smell, and does it ...
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24 votes
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Does water bring out the flavor and aroma in scotch?

I've often heard that adding just a few drops of filtered, room termperature water to scotch helps to "bring out the flavor and the aroma." The scotch guy at my store told me it involves a chemical ...
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10 votes
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Do pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell?

I've heard anecdotes from pregnant women that they have a heightened sense of smell, and How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did cites a NYT article mentioning similar ...
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Is 80% of a human's sense of taste in their nose?

According to this article on wine tasting: Did you know that 80% of our sense of taste is actually in our nose? It doesn't seem to cite any source, although I've heard similar claims before. I've ...
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Is formaldehyde the source of the "new car smell"?

We bought a new car and the smell reminded me of something I was curious about: I remember reading somewhere that the smell of new car is actually the "smell of death" - that is, the smell of ...
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Remedies against stinky shoes

I have read claims suggesting that the following remedies, among others, are effective against stinky shoes: Sprinkle bicarbonate soda, baby powder or deodorant on your shoes Put tea bags in your ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Does lighting a match eradicate offensive odors in the bathroom or just cover them up?

Perhaps we've all heard this, but if not: There's a common belief that lighting a match after using the bathroom (in a particularly odoriferous way, mind you) will "burn up" or extinguish the ...
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Why is the smell of flowers sensed in some situations?

Some people report sensing a flowery smell in some places or situations in which there are no flowers present. Those sensations are sometimes related to religious experiences. There are also claims ...
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Can humans smell if a book has been opened?

From a story about Richard Feynman: Then I looked at the bookshelf and said, "Those books you haven't looked at for a while, right? This time, when I go out, take one book off the shelf, ...
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