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The chemical element with atomic number 47 and symbol Ag. Use for elemental silver and silver compounds.

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Did silver mostly not tarnish before the Industrial Revolution?

Theodore Gray wrote an article about silver bullets in Popular Science and mentions in it that silver mostly did not tarnish before the Industrial Revolution. But today silver is far more common, ...
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Does boiling water with solid silver kill germs?

I was in China recently, and the tour guide mentioned that in some parts of China, the water quality is not good (due to pollution). To get around this problem, some locals used solid silver and ...
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Does putting silver into clothing reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria?

Mack Weldon advertises that their underwear uses Silver XT2™ technology: Made possible with Silver XT2™ technology, silver naturally destroys odor-causing bacteria. We added Pima cotton to keep you ...
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Is colloidal silver an effective way to treat antibiotic-resistant pathogens?

Mercola writes: Over the past few years, several studies have demonstrated the fact that silver is indeed one of the most effective agents in the battle against antibiotic-resistant super pathogens....
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Are silver dental fillings safe?

Are silver tooth fillings safe for a person's health? My dentist says they are safe for my health. My general practitioner has no opinion on the matter. Some countries have banned or restricted ...
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