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Do sandcastles kill more people than sharks?

In 2007, The Guardian made the following claim: Be afraid: sand castles can kill The US bucket and spade brigade went on full alert yesterday after research by a top physician revealed that people ...
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Are falling coconuts more dangerous than sharks?

I was fortuitously reading about sharks in the Mediterranean Sea on a small Italian online news site. As a side note the article claims that an average of seven people are injured or killed (not clear)...
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Will a shark kept in a fish tank have stunted growth?

There is a widely recited saying that sharks kept in fish tanks won't grow to their full size. For example, author and motivational speaker Bob Harrison posted: A shark in a fish tank will grow 8 ...
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Are 100 million sharks culled per year for safety reasons?

Are 100 million sharks culled per year for safety reasons? Example claim A woman has a 1 in 262,365 chance of being killed by a shark in her lifetime. In that very same lifetime she has a 1 ...
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Are sharks primarily hunted for Chinese cuisine?

In Captain Paul Watson: Fear and Loathing of Sharks in Western Australia, Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson (warning: Islamophobic content elsewhere in the article) says On the other hand, we humans ...
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Are sharks a threat to undersea cables?

Slate published an article recently, titled The Global Internet Is Being Attacked by Sharks, Google Confirms. Despite being catchy and all, most of the references seem to be other news outlets or ...
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Do sharks die if they stop swimming?

I've seen this claim several places: If a shark stops swimming it will die. (from wikianswers, alongside contradictory text) [I]f they do not swim, then they will have no oxygen and they will drown. (...
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Are 100 million sharks killed by humans per year?

I've read from several sources that humans kill 11,000 sharks per hour or 100 million per year, for example : The Humane Society of the United States, quoting Jean-Michel Cousteau Look at what is ...
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Do sharks never sleep?

My friend was saying that shark never sleeps. Because to keep it afloat, it has to continuously swim, so that it can't sleep. This claim is repeated in the Ocean of Know: They certainly need to ...
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Do sharks quickly respond to blood in the water?

This seems to be portrayed in movies and TV quite often: we find a group of travelers desperately stranded on a small boat or raft. For one reason or another someone becomes injured and blood is ...
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Do dolphins attack dangerous sharks?

I've heard numerous anecdotal claims of people being rescued from shark attacks by dolphins. One source mentions that such rescues happen "surprisingly often", and cites three unreferenced incidents, ...
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