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Does sun-exposure correlate positively with sex drive?

There are many sites posting kinda this: A study by Victoria Milan - a dating site for married and committed people looking to have an affair - looked at the profiles of its millions of active ...
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Is capsaicin (found in chili peppers) an aphrodisiac?

Various web-sites claim that consuming capsaicin (the chemical found in chili peppers which makes them hot) has an aphrodisiac effect: From Capsaicin is known to boost testosterone ...
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Does OnlyFans have a no 'extreme fisting' policy in their terms of service?

YouTuber ADoseOfBuckley recently published a video that discussed censorship and the video subscription service, OnlyFans. At 6m39, he shows what he purports to be an excerpt from the OnlyFans Terms ...
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Does legalizing of prostitution lead to lowered spread of STIs in the general population?

I've found a number of articles claiming that legalizing prostitution is linked to lowed STIs. I could link a dozen other articles. Every one makes slightly different claims but they all seem to ...
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