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Questions about security; as it applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, nation, or organization.

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Are conversation-starting memes on social-media harvested by criminals?

There have been a raft of warnings circulating on Facebook for years (but seem to have had a recent uptick) warning that memes that are shared on social media that encourage people to post trivia ...
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Did two brothers steal credit card information worth millions and walked away scot-free because banks were embarrassed?

In this DEFCON talk at around 24:52 minute mark, the speaker (a Cambridge professor) tells a story of two brothers stealing millions of dollars using a weakness in credit card terminal technology, and ...
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Were the BOSS Linux update servers hacked in 2015?

The Hackology Blog claims that update servers for BOSS Linux were hacked in 2015, eventually allowing access to Indian military and government servers. This website claims that: Hackers infected the ...
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Did Russian hackers obtain billions of passwords?

Many news outlets seem to be reporting this story (NY Times article) about Russian hackers allegedly acquiring billions of usernames and passwords. A Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known ...
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Is the NSA installing surveillance codes in iPhones by calling Sprint customers?

I've got a iPhone 6s on the EE network. Today I got a SMS from +44 865 6696 which had the content "Message not found". If I put the number into a t9 predictive text emulator, it spells &...
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Does having passwords cost $200 (£150) per employee, not including the lost productivity?

A BBC News article attributes a claim to Jason Tooley, chief revenue officer at Veridium: Not only would getting rid of passwords improve security, it would also mean IT departments would not have to ...
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