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Questions tagged [scotland]

for questions about claims based in Scotland, or limited to Scotland.

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73 votes
4 answers

Can one purchase the title of "Lord", "Laird" or "Lady" in Scotland?

I have recently started receiving Youtube advertisements for "Established titles", claiming to sell you a square foot of land in Scotland, entitling you to call yourself some variant of &...
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57 votes
1 answer

Did Scotland spend $250,000 for the slogan "Welcome to Scotland"?

A 2007 Digital Journal article claims Scotland spent six months of research and $250,000 to create a new slogan to boost tourism. What did they come up with? “Welcome to Scotland” is the new slogan,...
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10 votes
2 answers

Was there an electoral fraud during the referendum for the independance of Scotland?

Peter Moore, a francophone Canadian Youtuber, says in a Youtube video that there was an electoral fraud during the referendum about the independance of Scotland. Given the ballot paper looked like ...
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