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The balance of benefit versus harm of an activity, device, technology or substance.

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5 answers

Are personal electronics a risk to commercial aviation?

Are personal electronics (of present or recent past; e.g. cell phones, mp3 players, iPads) a risk to commercial air travel? Is the typical request to "turn off all personal electronic devices" based ...
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Are there fewer accidental deaths at nuclear power plants than others?

I have seen the stats on this website saying that the number of death caused by nuclear accidents was way smaller then those caused by any other energy production factory. Do you have any information, ...
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Is there a risk of drowning if you fall asleep in the bath?

Are there any documented events of people drowning in slippery baths after falling asleep? I've tried to Google it but wasn't able to find anything. Probably just used wrong terms, or maybe there ...
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Is fluoride toothpaste dangerous?

Is there any proof that the amount of fluoride that commonly used in toothpaste is unhealthy?
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Has anyone died from tampered candy at Halloween?

Year after year parents are bombarded with all of the risks of trick or treating. Razor blades in apples, poisoned candy, etc. Even the CDC warns against eating anything homemade or before a parent ...
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