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Were 90% of Mariupol's apartment buildings destroyed during 2022 battles?

So I've encountered links to this 2023 Meduza publication on Politics.SE, which states: In 2022, when the city was the site of a months-long battle between invading Russian forces and the Ukrainian ...
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Have Russian conscripts been told they are "fighting Poland"?

In an interview segment partly discussing the large number of recent deaths of Russian conscripts resulting from the major Ukrainian strike on a training barracks in Makiivka, Professor Michael Clarke ...
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Is it illegal in Russia to call the war in Ukraine a "war"?

Several news outlets have reported that calling the Russo-Ukrainian War a "war" is illegal in Russia since a law was passed in March 2022. Business Insider, March 2022 Putin signed a law ...
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Has Zelensky "declared war against Christianity"?

One headline on the December 21, 2022 episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight claimed that "Zelensky has declared war against Christianity", referring to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ...
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Did Kim Clement predict the Russo-Ukrainian War?

Recently many Christian commentators have told me that a Christian prophet by the name of Kim Clement predicted a wide array of events like the Russo-Ukranian War. This video summarises Kim Clement's ...
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Do the Russian Army "probably" have a unit shooting soldiers attempting to retreat?

A recent Times (UK) article reported that the British Ministry of Defence stated that the Russian Army may have units instructed to fire on Russian soldiers attempting to retreat during the current ...
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Do Donetsk residents want to join Russia?

Eva K. Bartlett has posted a YouTube video on Oct 1, 2022. It includes some interviews of residents of Donetsk, a city in Eastern Ukraine. The interviewees express pro-Russian opinions. Bartlett ...
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Did the U.K. sabotage Russia/Ukraine peace deal in April?

According to the description of a video from the The Jimmy Dore Show YouTube channel, titled Revealed: U.K. SABOTAGED Russia/Ukraine Peace Deal In April!: Did you know that back in April, just a ...
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Did the former Ukrainian ombudsman for human rights admit to exaggerating facts concerning sexual violence during the 2022 war in Ukraine?

In May 2022, former Ombudsman for Human Rights of Ukraine, Lyudmila Denisova, was removed from her position. This happened due to criticism on how she communicated insights on cases of sexual violence ...
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Did Putin claim that the predominantly Russian-speaking Donbas region is pro-Russia?

Source Putin has maintained the predominantly Russian-speaking Donbas region is pro-Russia, although polls have indicated that is not the case. This is the first time I've seen this claim, ...
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Does exported Ukrainian wheat (only) amount to 2.5% of the world's wheat production?

In May, the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said: shortages of grain and fertiliser caused by the war, warming temperatures and pandemic-driven supply problems threaten to “tip tens ...
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Did Russia's parliament, Duma, propose invading Poland in 2022?

Twitter user @sentdefender, with >160K followers, recently tweeted The Russian State Duma has proposed that after the Invasion of Ukraine, that Poland be Invaded and denazified next due to their ...
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Was Ukraine planning an attack in Donbas/Crimea prior to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Quote by Putin in today's Victory Day speech: “In December last year, we proposed the conclusion of an agreement on security guarantees. Russia called on the West to enter an honest dialogue, in ...
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Is the woman in this interview the same one in this viral photo of the bombing of the Mariupol hospital?

Some sources (which I find unreliable) are claiming that, the unnamed pregnant Ukranian who were injured in most famous photo of Mariupol Hospital Bombing is the same woman as Mariana Vishegirskava, ...
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Did a "KUB-BLA" AI powered "suicide" drone fly into Ukraine?

The Daily Star (a not particularly reputable source) has reported that a so-called AI-based "Suicide Drone" has been spotted in Ukraine. (Please excuse all the click-bait. The website is ...
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Are these maps captured Russian plans to invade Ukraine? [closed]

Pro-Ukrainian twitter user, @TruthsUnchained, tweeted: #BREAKING 📰 Russian battle plans captured, likely from one of the command vehicles captured. Battle plans were approved on January 18th and ...
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Did the Russian 74th motorised rifle brigade surrender in February '22? [closed]

The following statements go around on the major social media networks. However, I have been unable to verify the statements are actually sourced. Ragıp Soylu (Turkey Bureau Chief for MiddleEastEye): ...
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Did a Ukrainian woman tell a Russian solider in Kherson Oblast to put seeds in his pockets so flowers would grow when he dies in Ukraine?

Basically, is the following a real exchange, down to the details? Reported on Twitter with 1.1M views: Ukrainian woman confronts Russian soldiers in Henychesk, Kherson region. Asks them why they came ...
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Did a Turkish cargo ship get bombed in the Black Sea during the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

In a Discord server, someone pointed out the following article by Russian state news media about a Turkish cargo ship which was reportedly hit by a bomb on the way from Odessa to Romania: Turkish ...
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Has there been a "buildup" of 175,000 Russian troops on the Ukraine border in January 2022?

Numerous news items have claimed or implied a buildup of 100,000 Russian troops and hundreds of tanks and armoured personnel carriers along its borders. Most are vague about the exact location. The ...
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