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Do the U.S. interstate numbers correspond to land area?

This question is about the numbering scheme of U.S. interstate highways. Wikipedia says: In the numbering scheme for the primary routes, east–west highways are assigned even numbers and north–south ...
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Are car headlights getting brighter?

This news story in Popular Science asks whether car headlights are getting brighter and concludes they are not: So are headlights actually getting brighter? The short answer is no—although there was ...
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Does China have motorways with 50 lanes, or at least with 20?

An article from the Daily Mail reports about a giant traffic jam near Beijing, China, in the aftermath of 2015's national holiday week. Several times, the article insinuates at least a section of the ...
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Are 95% of the world's roads unpaved?

I found the following claim on the website of an offroad motorcycle course company: Over 95% of the world's roads are unpaved, so if you don't like to (or can't) ride in the dirt, you'll find ...
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Is a repaired car tire as good as a new one?

I recently had one of my car tires punctured by a screw. It lost pressure only very slowly, it probably took a couple of days before I noticed the tire was below pressure. The guys from the tire ...
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Did Napoleon introduce driving on the right side because he was left-handed?

Traffic has almost always been keep-to-the-left since at least the time of Rome until relatively recently. Some historians, such as C. Northcote Parkinson, believed that ancient travellers on ...
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Are big cars and SUVs safer than small cars or do they just *feel* safer?

I've long observed that many drivers in the UK choose SUVs (which are often disparagingly called Chelsea Tractors) do so at least partially because they believe such cars to be safer. I doubt this ...
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Do the majority of people go 80 mph on the motorway?

I live in the UK, and my dad has told me "It is not possible to drive at 70 mph on the motorway. Everyone goes at 80 mph and [the police] don't care." When he says nobody he means the majority of ...
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