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texts which various religious traditions consider to be sacred, or central to their religious tradition.

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Does the Quran advise men to beat their wives if they disobey them? [closed]

I found this post on Reddit in which it is mentioned that the Quran advises men to beat their wives if they do not obey them. This is a quote from the link: Surah 4:34: "Men are in charge of women ...
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Did the Quran predict the speed of light?

It appears to be popular to claim that the Qur'an predicted the speed of light before it was scientifically well understood. Although none of the sources state that outright, that is what they imply. ...
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Did Moses live?

Moses is, arguably, the most significant prophet in Judaism and is credited with leading the enslaved Jewish population out of Egypt and into the promised land. Aside from the Torah, are there any ...
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Are any notable biblical characters historical figures?

Are any of the *main** characters who appear in the Bible that are real historical people, their existence supported by multiple sources. In addition do their actions in the Bible support or ...
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Has Noah's ark been discovered in Turkey?

I found this website claiming that noah's ark has been found. Is there any archaeological or historical evidence to support or deny this claim? Related Question: Could a Great Flood have happened?
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Are rape victims forced to marry their rapist, according to the Old Testament?

(Copied from Relevant portion of the text: Marriage = Rapist and His Victim (Deuteronomy 22:28-29) Virgin ...
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Did the Hebrew exodus from Egypt ever happen?

The Book of Exodus describes a movement of the Hebrews from Egypt, through the desert, and into the Palestine/Israel region. It also describes a number miracles, such as the ten plagues and the ...
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Is the Bible the most read book?

I have often heard that the most popular book is the Bible, but it seems to me that, for example, classical Indian books as the Mahabharata or the Chinese Four Books and Five Classics may be more ...
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Is there a place in the world where two oceans meet and they don't mix?

This picture is currently being spread virally: Some Muslims were saying that this is mentioned in the Quran where it is said: He has set free the two seas meeting together. There is a barrier ...
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Does the Torah-encoded age of the universe match science?

Dr. Gerald Schroeder published an article in about the age of the Universe and the Jewish bible: So the only data I use as far as Biblical commentary goes is ancient commentary. That ...
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Has the Quran (the recitation) been preserved since Muhammad?

Islamic scholars claim that Quran's preservation is the one of the most miraculous aspects of Quran. In fact, a major reason for muslims to believe in the Quran was the preservation of Quran, which is ...
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Was Jesus crucified?

Assuming Jesus was a real person, it is a generally accepted fact that he died on a cross. On the other hand, Jehovah's Witnesses are of the belief that the crucifixion of Jesus is a mistranslation ...
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Is eating cloven-hoofed animals, bottom-feeders or ruminants bad for you?

The Torah and Talmud claim (and I have Christian friends that also claim) that eating animals that are bottom-feeders or ruminants—That is, eat the crud off the sea-floor, like shrimp, or digest ...
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Is the Bible (Christian and Hebrew) the first one to suggest that the Earth is a sphere?

This website claims that the bible is the first to suggest that earth is a sphere way before the Greeks. A literal translation of Job 26:10 is “He described a circle upon the face of the waters, ...
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Do the Mediterranean and Strait of Gilbraltar have scientifically explicable different salinities, flora and fauna?

I am curious about a phenomena (supposedly confirmed by J. Cousteau) that is said, by a Facebook page, to support some quotes in the Quran. They say that some seas do not join and mix with each other ...
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Is the New Testament significantly corrupted from its originally intended form?

I have seen "evidence" that we know with a great degree of certainty and accuracy what the original New Testament bible said. This is to say, we know what the original authors wrote. I'm not sure how ...
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Did the Qur'an predict the defeat of the Persians at the Battle of Issus?

The Wikipedia page of the Qur'an and Miracles states Some Muslims believe that the Qur'an predicted many events years before they happened. They argue that such prophecies are proof of the ...
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Is the name of Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Bible?

Is the name of the Prophet Muhammad or Ahmad mentioned in the Bible? Does Jesus predict the coming of Muhammad in the Bible? This video (part 2) is an example of this claim. Here is a quote of a ...
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