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Are women who have consulted a social worker banned from most maternity wards in Christchurch?

A Kiwi friend alerted me to the article 'At-risk' women forced to birth at Christchurch Women's Hospital, or at home at, published November 7, 2020. The article seems to claim that women ...
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Can classes reduce unconscious racial bias?

Recently on PBS Newshour there was a segment about Silicon Valley and their attempts to hire more diverse employees. A focus of the segment was employee training seminars about unconscious biases--...
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In the UK, are young white men the most derided ethnic/gender/age group?

A month, or so, ago this YouGov study was trending on FB and attracting some controversy. The most derided ethnic group in Britain: young white men YouGov data from 48 separate surveys reveals that ...
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Is there a trend in western publishing to obscure depictions of ethnic minorities on the covers of Young Adult literature?

Claim: If a YA book features a white, female protagonist ..., it seems inevitable that the book cover will display an idealized and airbrushed masterpiece of her on the cover. And when a YA book ...
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Has the usage of body mass index caused historical harm and been utilized for racial exclusion? (American Medical Association) writes regarding BMI (body mass index) The House of Delegates adopted new policy recognizing the issues with using BMI as a measurement because: Of the ...
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