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Questions tagged [public-health]

Use this tag for questions about the health of people on a community or population level. Do not use this tag for questions about the health of individuals or biological mechanisms.

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4 answers

Do hand dryers in public bathrooms spread bacteria?

A hand drier is a warm and humid environment that is surrounded by bacteria from all the bathroom users. It is claimed that this is one of the main causes for spreading bacteria/microbes (NCBI ref) ...
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Is water with extra oxygen tastier, healthier, or otherwise desirable for humans?

In Japan, it is apparently common to add oxygen to bottled water. But this isn't standard H20. It's a new mix containing 12 to 15 times as much oxygen as regular water. (...) "It's totally ...
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Have one out of every two people who have ever lived died of malaria?

Michael Finkel writes in National Geographic: Some scientists believe that one out of every two people who have ever lived have died of malaria. The Wall Street Journal Article The Tenacious Buzz ...
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Is water from a sink different from water from a water fountain?

I have heard (particularly but not exclusively from my friends who grew up in Asia, where the situation may be different) that you should not drink water from a sink in the bathroom. Why? They ...
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Have many Falun Gong practitioners forgone medical treatment and died of treatable causes as a result?

The Chinese government is notably opposed to Falun Gong. In 1999, they were quoted in the Sun Sentinel: the government charged that Falun Gong was responsible for the deaths of 1,400 people -- many ...
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Is radioactive milk being sold in inner-city black neighbourhoods in New York?

I recently had this article come across my newsfeed: Radiated Milk Sold in Black Neighbourhoods I always wondered about the high rates of cancer and diabetes in my neighborhood, and in other ...
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Non-alcoholic fatty liver and juvenile type 2 diabetes: rising incidence or just more diagnosis?

I've repeatedly heard the claim, often from anti-fructose advocates, that there is a skyrocketing prevalence of two formerly rare disorders: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and juvenile type ...
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Can kitty litter cause adverse health effects in humans?

Is there any danger to humans from co-habitating with a housecat that poops in a litterbox, and occasionally cleaning out that litterbox? Assuming you use litter you can find at the pet store, and ...
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Are there health risks to not washing hands after urinating?

It seems to me that the health risks of hand washing after urinating are greatly exaggerated in the world. I understand that hand washing after defecation is an entirely different story as fecal ...
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Is there a link between blood pressure and salt intake? [duplicate]

So I was reading Cracked article about health risk myths. The first entry was interesting: [Myth #5] Salt Causes High Blood Pressure [...] Countless more recent studies have utterly failed to back up ...
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Do covered [drinking water] reservoirs cause health risks compared to open-air reservoirs?

Bull Run is a political group opposed to covering drinking water reservoirs in Portland, Oregon. They making a number of claims that closed reservoirs introduce greater health risks than ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Has an organ donor ever been at risk of having organs harvested before a sudden recovery?

I have seen claims that one shouldn't be an organ donor because you may be declared dead by mistake and have organs harvested. For instance, this Life Site article gives a few anecdotal examples: ...
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Are chicken haunches especially toxic?

There have been some health concerns raised (mainly through word of mouth) with regards to the toxicity of chicken haunches. Apparently, in the industrial breeding and rearing of chickens many ...
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Does the US rank worse than other developed countries in infant mortality mostly because of differences in the definition of "infant mortality"?

Wasn't sure how to phrase that title, but in a comment on this article, someone stated that The US ranks 30th in child birth mortality; 30th, not 5th or even 7th, 30th, behind most of Europe, ...
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Do mosquitoes urinate on you when they bite you?

This is a claim that I have seen on several "Did You Know?" lists so far. They all state that when a mosquito bites you, they also urinate on you at the same time and that is what causes the area ...
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Do societies that are less abstemious have more sensible drinking patterns?

Questions about whether alcohol consumption is good for you or not have been asked here before (see Is alcohol beneficial in small amounts? and Recommended alcohol drinking quantity: are they just ...
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Are electronic cigarettes a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes pose as a replacement of cigarettes. It is claimed that they help in quitting smoking. They do come in flavors, and in various levels of nicotine. But, are they less harmful? Do ...
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