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Did the CIA conclude that Uri Geller had psychic powers?

Did the CIA conclude that Uri Geller was able to use psychic powers such as remote viewing or telepathy or something as claimed by the Telegraph or Times of Israel? In the newly released documents ...
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Does Stanford University conduct research into psychic spies?

Ron White of Brain Athlete reports: Stanford Research Institute (SRI) has been carrying out secret psychic investigations using remote viewing for 20 years, checking into our ability to experience ...
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Did Kashpirovsky successfully heal people through psychic healing?

Anatoly Kashpirovsky (Russian Wikipedia, English Wikipedia) was a super-famous Russian celebrity, who, in the late '80s, went on Soviet TV and claimed he psychically healed people, and provided pain-...
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Did Edgar Allan Poe predict a shipwreck?

Edgar Allan Poe predicted the future. His only novel is about 4 shipwrecked men who run out of food and eat the cabin boy, Richard Parker. 46 years after it published, a yacht sank in real life and 3 ...
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Does any police/emergency services department in the US/UK/Australia/Canada employ a psychic consultant?

Related At this current point in time (within say the last 5 years) are there any police departments or emergency service organisations which employ a psychic? It shows up occasionally in movies and I'...
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Was Edgar Cayce visited by Rockefeller and other important figures from that era?

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic who was famous during the early 20th century. He was notorious for giving readings during an alleged trance state he entered while sleeping. There’s a foundation ...
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Is it possible to do astral travel? [closed]

Psychic-Medium Kimbery Bunch claims in a video meditation can help you to astral travel, remote view or to have bilocation abilities. This Video claims that she can "astral travel" spiritually come ...
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Did the psychic Sonja Grace find the body of Austin David King?

There are many reports on the internet covering how the psychic Sonja Grace found the body of a missing boy 10 miles from his home. e.g. TDN Daily News I've not seen any skeptical reports about it. ...
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Is Mary Ann Schinfield a real person?

One day, while bouncing around some alternate history and conspiracy theory videos I came across a reference to a man named Drunvalo Melchizedek. I was curious about some of his work and decided to ...
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Did Christopher Robinson provide psychic information that was successfully used by Scotland Yard?

Christopher Robinson, who calls himself the Dream Detective on his web-site and book by the same name, claims that he has worked with police, assisting their investigations with his psychic visions. ...
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Do psychic abilities work?

I was reading today's newspaper (3/18/2012), and this question appeared in Dear Abby's column: DEAR ABBY: I will graduate from college in June and be a social worker. I am psychic, although I ...
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Is there such a thing as an aura?

Many psychics claim to be able to see auras. Many healing methods like reiki are based on them. Psychics claim that if you look at someone with soft eyes, you can see a hazy field around them, white ...
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Can psychics like John Edward contact the dead?

He offers both public and private readings and has been featured on many television shows, but is there any evidence that he can contact the dead as he says?
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