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3 answers

Do wind turbines consume more energy than they produce in a lifetime?

A rumor in my region states that a wind turbine consumes far more energy while being built and setup than it can produce in a lifetime. The debate is about modern, freshly built turbines in ...
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Is "peak wind" coming?

The concept of "peak oil" has been bandied about for some time (see this question: Is peak oil still set for 2013?) by people who believe the world hydrocarbon stocks will soon be so depleted that ...
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How long does it take for renewable technology to recoup its energy cost?

There are a number of technologies which are aimed at producing energy from non-fossil sources, among which very popular are wind power and solar power technologies. However, I have encountered a ...
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Is it possible to obtain current indirectly from power lines?

Can one obtain a sufficient amount of energy for a household's needs by indirect means (induction or otherwise) from nearby high-voltage power lines? Are there any documented cases of such attempts (...
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3 answers

Does electromagnetic radiation from high energy power installations have negative effects on health?

Note that I'm not asking about high energy RADAR and telecommunications installations or similar systems which can cook small animals alive. I've heard lots of stories about negative health effects ...
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Is the production of nuclear power very expensive? [duplicate]

Reuters recently published the following piece: Nuclear energy too slow, too expensive to save climate: report Inside, it says: The cost of generating solar power ranges from $36 to $44 per ...
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Can electricity be obtained from neutrino radiation, like a solar cell?

Power Technology magazine published a 2019 article *Neutrino energy: harnessing the power of cosmic radiation. It describes a new energy technology - making solar panels, but for neutrinos instead of ...
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