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For questions pertaining to plant life (trees, flowers), not industrial plants (which may fall under e.g. [economics] or [technology])

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Does grass alone produce enough oxygen for life?

Over a work happy hour tonight, two employees were talking about their different lifestyles -- one likes riding four wheelers, which the other considers to be recreational pollution. Somehow the fact ...
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Do cacti absorb harmful radiation emitted by computers?

It is a common belief that cacti absorb radiation; consequently, a lot of people put potted cacti by their computer as a safety means. Do cacti actually absorb radiation? Even if so, will a small ...
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Does the coffee plant use caffeine to kill bugs and surrounding plants?

The HUmans are Free article The Coffee Deception: 13 Little Known Facts About Coffee makes the claim that caffeine in the plant is used to kill bugs and surrounding plants. 1. Caffeine is an ...
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Is it possible for a pine tree to grow in your lungs?

This question came up at lunch today, and I didn't believe my friend when he said someone had a pine tree growing in his lungs. I have found several sources: 1, 2, 3 Source #2 has a key note: ...
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Is watering plants under a hot sun bad?

A couple of people have told me that it's a bad for plants to be watered in the middle of a sunny day, i.e. it's not just that you waste more water due to evaporation, but that there are actually bad ...
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Does the E-Kaia device harvest electrical power from small plants?

The E-Kaia device claims to be able to harvest electricity released into soil by small plants. Here's a Daily Mail article describing it. And because not all of the electrons are needed, harvesting ...
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Does catnip repel rats, mice and cockroaches?

Cat-world claims that catnip can repel rats, mice and cockroaches. It was also discovered that catnip repels cockroaches too! and Rats & mice are also believed to have a strong dislike of ...
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