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Questions tagged [plants]

For questions pertaining to plant life (trees, flowers), not industrial plants (which may fall under e.g. [economics] or [technology])

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Is rice water a good fertilizer?

When rice is washed, the wash water becomes whitish due to the starchy powder in the skin of unwashed rice. I've often heard or read, usually in water-saving, money-saving, or gardening tips, that the ...
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Does the E-Kaia device harvest electrical power from small plants?

The E-Kaia device claims to be able to harvest electricity released into soil by small plants. Here's a Daily Mail article describing it. And because not all of the electrons are needed, harvesting ...
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Do people become resistant to stinging nettles?

The WikiHow page How to Touch Nettles Without Stinging Yourself claims: Although experienced nettle harvesters often go bare-handed, this isn't just because they know how to avoid stings. Many of ...
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Does watering plants with purified water yield better results?

I watched a commercial for the Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV water purifier recently. In that commercial, a science teacher assigns an experiment to students. The students bringing a plant to school, and ...
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Are roses popular on Valentine's Day because they are durable to transport?

In Episode #603 of Planet Money, it is claimed that giving roses is a recent phenomenon. They claim roses are popular due to their toughness (and the fact they bloom close to Valentine's Day) Roses ...
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Does the Kiri Tree reduce carbon dioxide emissions ten times more than the average tree?

The About section of the Kiri Tree website says: The tree is known to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions ten times more than the average tree and also in return produce ten times more oxygen ...
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Does catnip repel rats, mice and cockroaches?

Cat-world claims that catnip can repel rats, mice and cockroaches. It was also discovered that catnip repels cockroaches too! and Rats & mice are also believed to have a strong dislike of ...
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Does Aloe Vera help pass drug test?

The news which is flashing says that usage of Aloe Vera products like juice, gel or shampoo may avoid traces of drugs from the body. It is rumored that Aloe Vera consumption gets you negative for Drug ...
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Will plant-life on Earth end due to too little CO2?

According to a 2013 Daily Mail article : greater evaporation and chemical reactions with rainwater will take away more and more carbon dioxide. In less than a billion years, its levels will be too ...
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