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Questions tagged [philosophy]

the study of questions about human existence, knowledge, and reason.

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Did Plato say “we can change reality by changing our mind”?

The complete quote is: Reality is created by the mind. We can change our reality by changing our mind. I found this quote on Goodreads and on this blog and on Pinterest. However, none of these cites ...
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Did Plato and Socrates discuss picking the largest ear of wheat in a wheat field?

There is a widely shared story about Plato and Socrates finding wheat in a field, and using it as a metaphor, generally for love. Examples:, David Ding and Love, Marriage, Happiness, ...
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Did Percy Bysshe Shelley take credit for work done by Mary Shelley?

This is going to be a rather unorthodox question by me, as I can't fully legitimize the claim about to be questioned, but today, in conversing with a colleague of mine, the Shelleys popped up in ...
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Does General Relativity bring "Cosmic Time," which is the same for all frames-of-reference?

In a recent podcast, the philosopher William Lane Craig said that while Special Relativity taught us to doubt whether any given clock is, or whether it could be, an absolute measure of time, General ...
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Are moral philosophers more moral than other philosophers?

Part of the plot of the simultaneously funny and profound television show The Good Place revolves around a professor of moral philosophy trying to teach some not very moral people how to be good. And ...
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Did Camus say, "The literal meaning of life is whatever you're doing that prevents you from killing yourself"?

I've seen this quote attributed to Camus on Goodreads, Reddit, random memes, etc. It is a poignant rephrasing of some of Camus' philosophy of absurdism, but one that I think adds some emotional color. ...
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Do certain religious traditions believe that Eve had sex with the Serpent?

On p.169 of my edition of de Beauvoir's The Second Sex, she includes a footnote remarking The moon is a source of fertility; it is seen as the "master of women"; it is often believed that the moon, ...
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Did training Bell executives in humanities subjects lower their interest in working? [closed]

The story I heard happened in the 1950s-60s, at 50-60x at Bell Telephone in the USA Top management of the corporation noticed a majority of their managers were formerly engineers and often they don'...
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Did John Stuart Mill write a history of Roman law at age 10?

Professor Michael Sandel claims that philosopher John Stuart Mill was a child prodigy ... He knew Greek at the age of three, Latin at eight. And age 10, he wrote a history of Roman law. I tried ...
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