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Is this infographic about Palestinian loss of land since 1947 accurate? [duplicate]

I've come across this infographic a few times on social media, most recently in this widely shared Facebook post: Here is a larger version of the infographic: Are the borders in it largely accurate?
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Are the media headline claims, implying that Smotrich's Palestinian statement was false, justified?

A Google search (2023-03-22) for "Smotrich" occurring within the past week produces: Bezalel Smotrich - Wikipedia Top stories: CNN - Israeli minister says there's 'no such thing as a ...
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Are some of Hamas current and former leaders billionaires?

On June 2, 2021, the Israeli Channel 13 aired a segment entitled Parties, lavish houses, and fancy cars: lifestyles of the children of Hamas leaders, in which the following claims were presented: ...
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Has Israel used banned weapons against the population of Palestine?

According to this graphic from the Facebook group zionistlies, The Israeli army uses 3 internationally banned weapons in its military aggression against the unarmed civilian population of Palestine. ...
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Does Hamas prevent construction material from reaching Palestinians?

Recently, with the situation in Gaza worsening again and many buildings being destroyed, the lack of construction material to aid in rebuilding has been brought up again. The IDF claims, on their ...
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Are Hamas' Qassam rockets not very destructive?

Recently there was this answer on Politics.SE, which quotes extensively from Norman Finkelstein's book, Gaza: An Inquest Into its Martyrdom. In particular, there was deep disagreement from this quote ...
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Is information about Israel/Palestine in this infographic accurate?

I found this infographic shared on Twitter: The infographic depicts the different status of the ...
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Do more Israelis die from peanut allergies than Palestinian conflict?

In his song 'Terrorist' the artist Lowkey asserts: It seems nuts, how could there be such agony? When more Israelis die from peanut allergies In the context of the song, he seems to be claiming that ...
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Did a Hamas official claim that 50 of 62 fatalities in Gaza on 14 May 2018 were Hamas-affiliated?

We have in, e.g. this CNN article the following quote of Hamas official Salah al-Bardawil: "In the last round [of demonstrations] 62 people were martyred; 50 of them are from Hamas and 12 from the ...
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Did Ben Gurion say this about conquering Palestinian land?

I'm watching a video about the Israel/Palestine situation (supposedly from a reputable source), yet the video so far seem filled with inaccuracies and bias. For the record I'm not a member of either ...
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Were there 600 millionaires in Gaza in 2014?

In 2014, The Algemeiner reported: Pan-Arab London based paper, Asharq al Awsat, which is considered a reliable media outlet, recently ran a story saying there are 600 millionaires in Gaza. The ...
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Were 700000 Arab Palestinians forced out of their homes by Zionists?

Foreign policy says: In the course of the war that ensued, Israel implemented a policy of ethnic cleansing. 700,000 Arab Palestinians were either forced from their homes or fled out of fear of ...
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Did BBC change an article title about Israelis shooting dead a Palestinian in a hospital?

In 12 November 2015, Israeli agents disguised as Arabs escorting a woman in labor, raided a hospital in Hebron, West Bank, seized a Palestinian suspected of stabbing and shot dead his cousin. The dead ...
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Did Haj Amin al-Husseini tell Hitler to exterminate the Jews?

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu recently made the following claim: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to ...
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Did Palestinians from the PA with family reunification based IDs engage in terror activities, pre-2003?

While answering this Q, I ran into the following claim by Israeli government, cited by a Haaretz article "Gov't seeks to extend order that can curb Arab family reunification" ... on the grounds of "...
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Who fired the rocket that hit al-Shifa Hospital and playground in Gaza on July 28, 2014?

There are conflicting claims of who was responsible for a rocket attack on an outpatient clinic at the al-Shifa hospital and a nearby playground in Gaza on July 28, 2014 The Israeli Defence Force ...
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Are these quotes by Malcom X, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict correct?

I've seen this image on Facebook, often these image macros are just made up, or misattributed quotes, what about in this case? Image content: #Free Palestine The Zionist argument to justify Israel's ...
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Does this video show a sniper shooting a Palestinian?

In this troubling [not suitable for all audiences] video, you see a young man being shot. There were many claims on Reddit that it was fake, and then claims that it was real. Is there a way to know ...
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Did Jews "take over" 73% of their land from Palestinians?

I found an article by Matt Giwer saying that the cause of the Israeli-Arab war is that The Jews, [...] did in fact steal the land from the Palestinians. They actually bought and paid for at most 9% ...
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