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for questions about claims based in Pakistan, or limited in Pakistan.

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Was Pakistani President, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, assassinated?

There is a general conception in Pakistan that late General Zia was eliminated by Americans in a mysterious plane crash in August 17, 1988: The plane went down and then up and eventually hit the ...
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Did India shoot down any Pakistani F-16 on 27th February 2019?

According to DG ISPR of the Military of Pakistan, Gen. Asif Gafoor, on 27th February 2019, Pakistan Air Force's jets engaged IAF's jets and "shot down two IAF jets". On the same day, India claimed ...
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Is Argentina buying JF-17 Block-3 aircraft from Pakistan/China?

Is Argentina buying JF-17 aircraft? Governo argentino reserva US$ 664 milhões para compra de caças JF-17 Thunder em 2022 According to the Aviacionline website, the draft budget for the fiscal year ...
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