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Groups that make their money mainly through criminal enterprises. Examples include the Yakuza and the Mafia.

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Did a yacht owned by a Polish company with Ukrainian owners travel from Rostock to Christiansø on September 6-7, 2022?

A number of mainstream German newspapers claimed on March 7 that a likely Ukrainian commando travelling on false passports boarded a yacht registered to a Polish company (but ultimately owned by ...
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Was there curfew in Tensta, Stockholm imposed by criminal gangs?

A recent article in the Times of Sweden claimed criminal gangs in Tensta, Stockholm proclaimed a 6pm curfew for the locals: “There was people from these groups that were out and told citizens that ...
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Was Ross Capicchioni shot by a friend as part of a gang initiation?

Ross Capicchioni was a teenager who was shot several times and required emergency surgery. He reported that he had been shot by someone he knew who was undergoing a gang-initiation. He claims the ...
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Are criminals wandering around with contactless POS sale terminals helping themselves to small amounts from people's RFID credit/debit cards?

There is quite a lot of good coverage on Skeptics already of the security of RFID and contactless credit/debit cards, but it mainly focusses on card cloning and identity protection/privacy/tracking ...
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Did Russian hackers beat slot machines with an app?

Russian hackers made up to $250,000 per weekend by using an app to tell them when to pull a trigger. [...] custom app on the operative’s phone; those markers cause the handset to vibrate roughly 0.25 ...
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Was Silvio Berlusconi working together with the Italian mafia?

Berlusconi implicated in deal with godfathers - The guardian Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, was in personal contact with some of the mafia's most senior bosses, a major mafia ...
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Does the 'Mafia' still exist in Italy?

Here is a claim that says the mafia still exist in Italy: Yes, sadly it does, and will ever does. I'm Italian. and it's not called mob.. or whatever. there are many clans, in several Italian ...
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Is Mungiki one of the world's most dangerous gangs?

This website claims that the slums of Nairobi is the most inhospitable place in the world, because of the Mungiki: Operating in the slums of Nairobi this extremely violent gang syndicate stands at ...
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Were members of the yakuza amongst the Fukushima 50?

Tomohiko Suzuki, author of the book The Yakuza and the Nuclear Industry, claims that several members of the Fukushima 50, workers who stayed behind to work on the Fukushima dai-ichi nuclear reactor ...
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