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Did the crime rate in Norway drop 31% after Muslims were deported?

A racist meme was posted on Quora in November 2023 claims that Norway deported Muslims and the crime rate dropped by 31%. Warning: Image below contains an offensive cartoon. Did Norway deport Muslims?...
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Does Norway spend $29,726 on child care per toddler annually?

I would like to verify the following chart (e.g. take Norway) in a New York Times article: (Note that multiple references in the article appear to define a toddler as being 0-2 years of age. They say ...
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Do the mountains around this Norwegian valley act like a giant battery?

The Gizmodo website has this article about the UFO-like lights often seen at night in Hessdalen, Norway. The article, titled "Why Mysterious UFO-Like Lights Glow in this Norwegian Valley", says that ...
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