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for questions about claims based on nicotine, an addictive compound.

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4 votes
0 answers

Are vapers more likely to catch COVID-19?

Recently a number of reports have surfaced claiming that vaping radically increases susceptibility to COVID-19 infection among the young. For example, Sky News reports: Teenagers and young adults who ...
22 votes
0 answers

Does smoking a single cigarette measurably harm your body? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does smoking cigarettes cause lung cancer? Most of the data I've seen on smoking concentrates on the effects of smoking n cigarettes per day, or per week, over a long period ...
5 votes
1 answer

Are there any viable shortcuts to stop smoking?

A variety of treatments are purportedly available to aid in quitting smoking. What are effective, scientifically proven ways to quit smoking? In particular, is any treatment significantly better ...
14 votes
1 answer

Is nicotine a relatively safe substance?

I've always thought that nicotine has really bad health effects. Interestingly enough, I've found the following statement on the website of one of the major Nicotine Replacement Therapy products ...