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Generally regarded as the center of the nervous system in most living beings.

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Does playing electronic games interfere with a child's healthy dopamine response?

In this August 2015 Psychology Today blog article, a child psychiatrist and author, Dr Victoria Dunckley makes a number of claims about how screen time is causing symptoms of mental health problems. I ...
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Are the diagnostic criteria of brain death reliable?

There is a large number of sites - particularly fundamentalist Christian sites - claiming that the people who meet the diagnostic criteria for brain death are, nonetheless, capable of recovering. For ...
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Does social media cause permanent damage to concentration capability?

In this TEDxtalk (transcript is here), the speaker claims that there is a growing amount of research that shows that spending large amounts of time on social media permanently damages the capability ...
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Do Nervana earphones stimulate the vagus nerve to enhance mood?

The company Nervana claim that their new earphones and generator devices can stimulate the vagus nerve in the ear. The proprietary left earbud [...] not only receives the left channel of the music ...
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Can sighted people learn to read braille by touch at a level comparable to blind individuals?

I've been told by a friend who works at a school for the blind that no sighted person has ever learned to read braille by touch at the level that is comparable to a literate blind person. Is this true?...
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Does juggling increase gray matter/size of the occipito-temporal cortex?

I have been led to believe by expert testimonies that juggling may lead to an increase in brain depth and size. At the moment I am not able to draw on much evidence. If this is a myth, I would ...
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Did Emil Krebs master 68 languages?

The German polyglot Emil Krebs allegedly mastered 68 languages. Which, frankly, I find unbelievable. Unfortunately, I cannot find any reliable and convincing source. Is there solid evidence that Emil ...
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Can exercises be used to balance the brain's hemispheres?

I keep being told that exercises like touching your left knee with your right hand help stimulate the brain hemispheres and the "balance" between them. Here's a random example I found on Google from ...
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Does 70% of our brains cells change every day? If yes, how significant is that?

Frederick Travis claims that 70% of our brain cells change every day (for example in this clip and in this talk). Considering that we've got a lot of brain cells, that 70% seems a lot as well. If ...
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Does area of the brain associated with the sense of self "shut down" when praying?

Is there any study done on the claim that the area of the brain associated with the sense of self "shuts down" when praying? In the NBC News article "What Happens to Your Brain When You Pray?", ...
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Are our gut microbes responsible for 50-90% of our behaviour-regulating neuro-transmittors?

I have always concidered this channel serious, but they are making very bold claims. 50% of our dopamine and 90% of our serotonin is created by microbes ...
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Do we "live" further in the past based on how tall we are?

Vsauce, in this video, You Live In The Past, viewed over 5 million times, claims that when you tap your nose and your toes at the same time, they feel as if they happened at the exact same time (which ...
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Can a "brain-sensing headband" be used to train to be less stressed?

Interaxon claim that their "brain-sensing headband", Muse, together with an iOS or Android app, can provide a user with some feedback that can be used to train the brain to become more calm ...
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Can irregular sleeping hours cause developmental issues for the brain?

It seems to be a common belief (i.e. here) that in order for our brain to rest and grow properly, we need to have regular, maintained sleeping regimes. While there seems to be no doubt that sleeping ...
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Barbara Arrowsmith–Young's Neuroplasticity exercises

I recently attended a very interesting talk from this woman about how she changed her own brain using exercises that simulated deficient areas. While this was very interesting, especially from the ...
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Does stimulating the hypothalamus signal brain to store less body fat?

I come across another Indiegogo project that promises a weight loss just by carrying their device on the head. This device stimulates nerves behind the ear. They claim that these nerves send a signal ...
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Does Marmite improve the brain?

The British food spread Marmite is well known to polarise opinion (people either love or hate the taste with few people showing indifference). Wikipedia describes it as: ... the product is a sticky, ...
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Does reggaeton generate greater brain activity than classical music?

A 2021 Exploring Your Mind article claims: A group of neurosurgeons conducted a study that demonstrated intense brain activation when participants listened to reggaeton. In fact, it even surpassed ...
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Is there a link between ADHD and drinking fluoridated water?

[Newsweek][1] claims a study shows a link between ADHD and fluoridated water. New research shows there is a strong correlation between water fluoridation and the prevalence of Attention Deficit ...
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Is dysharmonia a recognized medical condition?

In his book Musicophilia, Oliver Sacks discusses a case involving a woman named Rachel Y. who lost the ability to process harmony in a car accident. He then explains how this lead to simultanagnosia. ...
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Can hearing aids "repair" hearing issues thanks to brain plasticity?

I'm 24 and for some undetermined reason, I have hearing loss exclusively from the left ear and this, from my childhood. Nothing (treatment, surgery, etc) can be done to cure my ear so I decided to see ...
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Does putting a tiny electrical current across the parietal lobe boosts maths ability?

A 2010 BBC article says: Applying a tiny electrical current to the brain could make you better at learning maths, according to Oxford University scientists. They found that targeting a part of the ...
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Does "midbrain activation" cause clairvoyance?

There was this kid in my town who claimed that his instructor had trained him using Mid-Brain Activation, see Midbrain Activation) techniques, and as a result he could "see" things while being ...
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