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Do rats swim 240 times longer after being saved from drowning?

A post on Facebook with 104k shares reads, During a study at Harvard in the 1950s, Dr. Curt Richter placed rats in a pool of water to test how long they could tread water. On average they'd give up ...
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Does your brain keep thinking for seven minutes after you die?

There is a widely published meme that you keep thinking after you die: After you die, it is believed that you have 7 minutes of brain activity left inside you Obviously it doesn't hold true if one ...
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3 answers

Near death experiences -- clinically dead person "sees" something, later verified to be true?

Related: Is there any explanation for a near-death experience? That question is about vague, light-in-the-tunnel near death experiences (NDEs). This question is about very specific claims I've heard ...
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4 answers

Is there any explanation for a near-death experience?

One idea I used to hear a lot about was that when people are near-death and saved by medical science that they sometimes see "a light at the end of a tunnel" in a vision. Today I read about an ...
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