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2 answers

Do bigger or more monitors increase productivity?

There is a ton of anecdotal evidence that adding more screen estate (more or larger monitors) leads to an increase in productivity, especially for programmers. For example, where I work, all ...
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Is the solarized color scheme easier on the eyes?

MakeUseOf writes in Solarized – A Crisp, Scientifically-Based Color Scheme For Your Apps: Color is everywhere around us. For most people, color is about beauty or aesthetics. But if you spend your ...
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Does the Retina Display cause less eyestrain than other screens?

Apple Mac Retina display screens make text look great. Retina pixel density = 220.5 PPI, vs. 135 PPI for the 2018 non-Retina MacBook Air (according to The Verge). Gary Heiting, an optometrist told ...
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Does turning your eyes away from your monitor once an hour help your eyes' health?

I have read in some sources (sorry, can't remember which), and also been told by my employer-assigned doctor (I can find the doctor again if needed), that it is "important" for people who work at ...
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Are monitors with an IPS (in-plane switching) panel better for the eyes?

slothygeek writes: There are three main display panel types for screens: IPS, VA and TN panels. Screens with TN panels are best for gaming but these are not the best for your eyes. If you want ...
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Does looking at screens damage your brain?

I found several articles that warn of the dangers of too much computer time, especially for children. Oxford Learning, Jun 2010: Too much computer time can be bad for your brain However, a recent ...
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Are remote self-powered implanted devices with transmitters practical?

There is an article about a research in nanogenerators and transmitters used to make a self-powering implant which can transmit wireless signals to receivers over a distance. It is claimed that A new ...
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