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Did Derren Brown use subliminal messages in this trick? [duplicate]

The trick I'm talking about is on this link: It is approximately 7 minutes long. In this, he shows two tricks, purportedly he achieves them using ...
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Is there any evidence that soldiers turned traitor due to Chinese "brainwashing"?

The Wikipedia article on brainwashing states: Hunter and those who picked up the Chinese term used it to explain why, during the Korean War (1950-1953), some American prisoners of war ...
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Did the US Government try to use EMF rays to remotely affect the mental functions of their targets between 1978-1986?

In the book Triumph of Evil1, Austin Murphy describes a US Government project to remotely affect the mental functions of people in enemy countries. (My emphasis and footnotes added) ... Keeler (...
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Can magnetic resonance through TV and cell phones control your mind and emotions?

I saw this picture on FB with 1,200 likes and 9,738 shares The graphic reads, GOOGLE THIS NUMBER: US6506148 B2 IT'S NO LONGER A CONSPIRACY THEORY... YOUR TELEVISION IS BRAINWASHING TOOL USED TO ...
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Does Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation induce emotions or hallucinations?

This question about Aspartame cites a source which states that ELF, extra low frequency wave transmission, can be used to induce emotions, feelings or hallucinations. I did a quick Google search, ...
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Is aspartame a mind control drug?

In casual conversation about a popular fizzy soft drink, one of my colleagues said "You do know aspartame is a mind control drug, right?" So I searched for "aspartame mind control drug&...
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Do tinfoil hats protect against any sort of radiation?

Delusional conspiracy theorists are commonly portrayed as wearing tin-foil hats to protect against mind-control rays from sinister organisations such as [goverments/aliens/NSA/CIA/FBI/liberals/...
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Can certain broadcast frequencies be used for mind control?

I was reading an article last night on the communications system used by UK police. They use earpieces and there is skepticism about how they could be used to control the police or subdue them. Is ...
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Do Personal Development Seminars bring real long-term benefits?

I've had more than a few people tell me about Personal Development Seminar X that they attended. Immediately afterward, they feel renewed, invigorated, excited. For months afterward they extoll the ...
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Are different versions of movies being released on purpose? or do some cinemas censor parts of movies?

I have seen movies at different cinemas, but sometimes I could swear that some scenes were addded or removed to the point of almost making the movie having a completely different impact! First time I ...
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Do short pictures as subliminal messages work?

Can an image flashed in the middle of a video for a single frame (as in this hoax by Vicary), induce a specific behavior in people? An example would be the supposed use of this to get people in ...
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