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Has the absorption of menstrual hygiene products only now been compared using blood for the first time?

A number of articles such as this one or this one were published recently in reaction to this study. The study is quoted as saying that "no study exists comparing the capacity of currently ...
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Are men more attracted to women who are ovulating over those who are not?

Background In 2016, a Business Insider article by Rebecca Harrington asserted that there have been multiple studies supporting the notion that men are preferentially attracted to women who are ...
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Are there records of girls born with enlarged clitoris mistaken - and raised - as boys?

In a popular-science Polish magazine Focus EKSTRA, special issue 5/2004*, page 39, there's a paragraph that says (in original Polish, emphasis mine:) Jak duża może być łechtaczka? Największe bywają ...
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Can canning tomatoes while menstruating spoil the tomatoes?

My wife was recently canning tomatoes, and her aunt asked if she was on her period because supposedly that will ruin the batch. Her grandmother is the one that taught her aunt, but neither of us had ...
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Does PMS cause mood swings?

The Huffington Post writes in Mood Swings From Menstruation May Not Exist, Study Finds: Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, may be an utter myth, according to new research from the University of Toronto....
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Can lions sense menstruating women?

I had an interesting chat today with a young woman from a traditional circus family, who explained she could not grow up to become a lion tamer, because lions could smell when women are menstruating ...
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Does orgasm trigger menstruation?

Wikipedia states, without a particularly satisfying source, that: Some sources say that achieving orgasm helps the uterus contract and expel the lining. It does quote some other opinions there, ...
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Does menstruation affect the ability of women to do blue-collar work?

I just read about the concept of menstrual leave. The Wikipedia article says it originated in Japan, and applies in a couple of asian countries. In 2005, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union ...
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Can Lady Comp predict women's fertility cycles with 99.3% accuracy?

I just came across a seemingly amazing product, called Pearly or Lady Comp. This product was recently mentioned in Sweden's biggest newspaper. According to the company, it can predict female ...
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Do the "rhythm" or "standard days" methods of birth control eventually cause more embryonic death than other methods?

The first formalized calendar-based method was developed in 1930 by John Smulders, a Roman Catholic physician from the Netherlands. It was based on knowledge of the menstrual cycle. This method was ...
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Is the human menstrual cycle related to the lunar cycle?

I've heard that the female menstrual cycle follows a pattern of the lunar cycle, mostly as an evolutionary adaptation so that menstruation (and hence detectability by predators because of the smell of ...
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