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Questions about the system and organizations of communication through which information is spread to a large number of people; the coat of a wall consisting chiefly of fibers

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2 answers

Do these pictures depict David Hogg after two separate crises?

A post circulating on social media - 48,000 shares and counting so far - depicts still images of two news reports, one in California in August 2017 and one in Florida in February 2018 after the ...
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Are American media controlled mostly by Jews?

The image "Who controls your mind? 2013" below claims that a very large proportion of the US media companies have Presidents, CEOs, Founders, Owners, Vice Presidents and Chairs that are ...
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Was the BBC report of the WTC-7 falling before it happened a scripted event?

A video on Youtube, “BBC Building 7 Collapse” is a televised news report from the BBC that states that WTC Tower 7 (aka the "Salomon Bros. Building") had collapsed. An overlay on the video by the ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Are Fox News viewers more likely to believe misinformation than viewers of other news outlets?

Huffington Post writes: Fox News viewers are much more likely than others to believe false information about American politics, a new study concludes. The study, conducted by the University of ...
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Did CNN use "lightened" photos of Darrell Brooks?

I recently found an image of a tweet shared on Reddit showing CNN using a photo of Darell Brooks (the man who recently drove an SUV into a parade crowd) that makes him look more white. Presumably, ...
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Did fake news on Facebook influence US elections in 2016?

I've encountered repeated references to fake news on Facebook influencing various elections. Example from a often quoted Facebook critique in Time Magazine: As a result, when confronted with ...
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3 answers

Did CNN fake footage during the Gulf War purporting a live gas attack?

The YouTube video purports to show then-CNN reporter Charles Jaco rehearse a dramatic "live" report from Saudi Arabia during the 1990 Persian Gulf War from a studio, exaggerating the level of danger. ...
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Did Roger Ailes say "the truth is whatever people will believe" or something substantially similar?

The below image popped up on Facebook apparently alleging that Roger Ailes, president of the Fox News Channel, said: "The truth" is whatever people will believe. The peculiar placement of the ...
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Has the Council of Europe called for the banning of British newspapers mentioning when a terrorist is Muslim?

From the Daily Mail: European human rights chiefs order the British press NOT to reveal when terrorists are Muslims in crackdown on freedom of speech European human rights chiefs have told the ...
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