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Mathematics is the science of numbers and shapes. Mathematics may also be considered a formal language to describe physics.

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Did Manahel Thabet develop a groundbreaking formula to measure distance in space without the use of light?

I stumbled upon the Wikipedia page of Manahel Thabet recently. Here are some extracts from the Wikipedia page. "At the age of 25, she earned her first PhD in Financial Engineering magna cum laude, ...
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20 votes
4 answers

Is Mecca at a special place on the earth's surface, dictated by the Golden Mean?

Mecca considered by Muslims to be the holiest city of Islam. This video about the Mecca makes the following claims: Mecca is at a special point on the Earth's surface in the sense that its ...
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40 votes
4 answers

Did Augustine of Hippo warn Christians to beware mathematicians?

On the first page of Mathematics for the Nonmathematician, mathematician Morris Kline quotes Augustine of Hippo as saying: The good Christian should beware the mathematician and all those who ...
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11 votes
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Are there more 40-moves chess games than atoms in the universe?

I read this tweet recently: "There are more possible games of chess lasting 40 moves than there are atoms in the entire universe. Intriguing to know." I find this highly doubtful. Could ...
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14 votes
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Did Jason Padgett become a math genius after getting hit on the head?

There have been some news reports about a college dropout, Jason Padgett, becoming a math genius after getting hit on the head. Could this be true or how much of this could be true?
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