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Do premature infants who get massaged gain weight nearly 50% faster?

Daniel Goleman writes in the NYTimes article, "The Experience of Touch: Research Points to a Critical Role": In some of the most dramatic new findings, premature infants who were massaged for 15 ...
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Are there health benefits from using a massage chair on a regular basis? make a series of claims regarding the health benefits from regularly using a massage chair: Regular massage offers several measurable health ...
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Does drinking extra water "flush out the toxins" after a massage?

Felicia Day asked this on Google+: Is there any scientific basis for drinking extra water to "flush out the toxins" after a massage? and I am curious if someone here can answer this.
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Are there health benefits from traditional massage therapy?

I used to get a massage in China once in a while, but when I went for one here in the USA the place was full of homeopathy, mineral spays and other junk. It is almost enough to put me off the whole ...
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What makes a naturopathic massage naturopathic, and is there any significant benefit to it or is it a hoax?

I've seen advertisements for naturopathic massage, with claims of health benefits that apply to a wide range of conditions and diseases. Is a naturopathic massage significantly different from a ...
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