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Did Kyiv National Linguistic University publish a map showing that only a few Ukrainians (in the West of the country) speak Ukrainian at home?

Various Russian & other sources give this map (also on P.SE, but probably the most notable of these might be Was that ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Do 50% of Canadians live south of the 45°42′N latitude?

Brilliant Maps claim that: While the 49th parallel is often thought of as the border between the US and Canada, the vast majority of Canadians (roughly 72%) live below it, with 50% of Canadians ...
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5 votes
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Did the pope ever commission Mercator to make a map?

According to this video, at 2:14, "The pope commissioned Mercator to make a map that shows the spread of Christianity." and further claims this is ...
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