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28 votes
3 answers

Is anti-malware software effective?

I have heard claims that anti-malware software isn't really effective and will "only catch 33% of malware", and so it's best to "get rid of them; you don't have to pay, and your system will be faster"....
48 votes
1 answer

Do antivirus vendors write viruses for profit?

I think this forum post sums it up nicely: I think that anti virus companies [...] are the ones who develop most of the viruses on the market today. If you think about it, it does make sence ...
4 votes
0 answers

Are the top ten flashlight apps maliciously stealing data and sending it to China, India, and Russia? [closed]

There's an interesting report from a company called SnoopWall that is detailed in this YouTube video from a Special Report with Bret Baier with Fox News. In the report "Cybersecurity Expert" ...