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Can magnets be used to clean laundry?

According to the Magnetic Laundry site, magnets can be used instead of detergent to clean laundry! For a "scientific" explanation, their video states: These magnets work at an atomic level to ...
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How much has Magnetic North shifted in the last few years and would this affect aeronautics?

I was talking to a contractor at a major U.S. airport, a Project Manager who told that they were moving the runways due to the shifting of 'Magnetic North'. I have heard that the poles have shifted ...
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Can we preserve youth wearing a magnet?

According to Legend, Cleopatra wore a magnetic amulet on her forehead to preserve her youth; this placement put it near the brain’s magnetically sensitive pineal gland. Healing therapies claimed ...
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Do magnetic water softeners work?

I'm extremely skeptical of the idea of magnetic water softeners (strong magnets attached to pipes), but desperately wish it were true because I hate lugging 40# bags of salt out to my well house in ...
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Subway magnetic fields and laptop hard drives

I just heard a story of a guy who took the subway to transport his company's off-site data back-ups for storage. When the time came for restore after a disaster, the data was corrupt and erased. ...
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magnetism and Indiana Jones

At the beginning of Indiana Jones - Kingdom of Crystal Skull, some Russians (posing as US miliary) force Indy to search a warehouse for a crate. Lacking a compass, he throws a handful of gunpowder ...
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Was there a trick behind this magnetic therapy demonstration?

On Sunday, a lady from church saw me limping, and said that she had something to show me that might help. Tonight, she showed me magnetic shoe inserts. I'm listening politely, and thinking "BS!," ...
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What experiment can I use to show that magnets do not 'make you stronger'? [closed]

Related to the question on whether magnets work or not: My brother-in-law purchased a magnetic bracelet and swears that it works in making him more 'balanced' and 'stronger'. To prove it's effects ...
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