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Can manipulating a lucid dream change the future?

In his self-published article, Theory of Precognitive Dreams, Ian A. Wilson describes the concept of déjà rêve - feeling you have dreamt this situation before. He describes one anecdote where he had ...
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Is shared dreaming possible?

Mutual dreaming or shared dreaming is the claim that two or more people can share the same dream environment. I have experienced a numerous lucid dreams but I've never met a known person in such ...
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Is it possible to induce a lucid dream?

I've seen some websites like this that guide you to lucid dreaming, but still wondering is this just a myth? I tried to search for Lucid Dream but there seems like no result about people who sharing ...
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Learning while you are sleeping

Just to clarify, I'm not asking about Hypnopaedia, but about using a lucid dream as a training/rehearsal stage. The Lucidity Institue claims: ... many people use lucid dreaming to rehearse for ...
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