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Did the Falkland Islanders only have peat as fuel until the arrival of the Argentine oil companies?

I found this paragraph in the Spanish wikipedia entry about peat. A group of Falklanders shoveling peat around the 1950s. Peat was the only form of fuel used in the Falklands until the arrival of ...
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Does drinking water right after waking up reduce sleepiness?

Related but with no answers (at the time of this posting). Several websites and "health tips" blogs recommend doing this after waking up to reduce sleepiness after waking up. (references, google ...
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Do "accountability partners" increase the chance of achieving personal commitments?

An accountability partner is: a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. Daily Seven is an example of a site that offers an accountability partner ...
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If the universe is just a Matrix-like simulation, how could we ever know? [closed]

If the universe is just a Matrix-like simulation, how could we ever know? This is a sample from reading I have done. All we have to do to identify what these constraints would be is to build our ...
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Can Sunny D turn you yellow?

A friend of mine was drinking a bottle of Sunny D today, and we got talking about the stories of people that had been turned "yellow" from drinking too much - I thought that it was just something made ...
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Are we eating too many carbs? And do we need to switch to the primal/paleo diet?

TL;DR Accepted knowledge is that high carb low fat diet is good. Paleo diet says opposite, the claims seem solid for the Paleo diet but I am still skeptical as Science seems to think that conventional ...
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Telling the difference between anabolic steroid use vs dieting and exercise

A lot of seemingly busy celebrities have rather well developed muscles, at least better than mine. So my question is: Is it possible to tell the difference simply by looking at pictures between ...
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