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A method of summarising collective health within a group by calculating the average time members are expected to remain alive. Most used at the country level where the statistic is how long a newborn child is expected to live if current rates of death remain constant.

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Do folks who live with a pet have a longer life?

I have heard many times that if you keep a pet, you tend to live longer. I have many friends and family members whom have pets and no pets, and I can't seem to see a pattern. Could the environmental, ...
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Has anyone used yoga to live for supernatural lengths of time?

According to this commentary on the Bhagavata Purana by Swami Prabhupada: By controlling the breath, the perfect yogī can continue his life for as long as he likes. Sometimes we hear from the Vedic ...
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Can a lower core temperature, lower caloric intake and low blood pressure prolong life?

In Season 4, episode 8 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, a character is said to have prolonged their life (not much, but definitely longer) by keeping their core temperature two degrees lower than normal, ...
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Does electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) extend the lifespan of animals (compared to regular water)?

Among the research interests of Dr. Pablo Campra (of recent graphite-in-Covid-vaccines claim) is something called electrolyzed reduced water (ERW). One of the (Asian) groups studying this presents is ...
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