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A method of summarising collective health within a group by calculating the average time members are expected to remain alive. Most used at the country level where the statistic is how long a newborn child is expected to live if current rates of death remain constant.

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Will eating a lot of junk food shorten your life expectancy?

I just ate an entire medium pepperoni pizza for dinner and my roommate started lecturing me on how I'm gonna die in my 30s. Does eating fatty and sugary foods make your life any shorter?
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Did people in ancient times, who survived childhood and were not killed in wars, have roughly the same chance to reach old age as contemporary people?

During an academic course on the history of biology there was a lecture dedicated to ancient Greek philosophers. I noticed that surprisingly many of these philosophers reached age considered advanced ...
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Is life expectancy of an Amish person same as average in US?

Amish website claims: What is the average life expectancy of Amish men and women and what is the number one cause of death in the Amish communities? It is the same as for all persons in the United ...
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Was 17 the average life expectancy in Liverpool in the 1850s?

DK History of Britain and Ireland: The Definitive Visual Guide (2011) claims: 17 The average life expectancy in years in Liverpool during the 1850s. High infant mortality depressed the figure, as did ...
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13 votes
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Do police officers and firefighters have a shorter than average life expectancy?

I have run across several references that mention that police officers and firefighters have a much shorter life expectancy than average. Is this claim true? Are there any reputable studies that have ...
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Does electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) extend the lifespan of animals (compared to regular water)?

Among the research interests of Dr. Pablo Campra (of recent graphite-in-Covid-vaccines claim) is something called electrolyzed reduced water (ERW). One of the (Asian) groups studying this presents is ...
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