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Did the inventor of the polygraph regret inventing it?

In Season 1 Episode 4 of Adam Ruins Everything Adam Conover says this about John Augustus Larson commenting on the polygraph machine, [Larson] would go on to regret inventing it. Larson became so ...
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Does voice stress analysis work for Lie Detection?

There seem to be many Voice Stress analysis software available. Does vocie stress analysis work for lie detection? How reliable is it? The first one I found was a Skype plugin http://kishkish-lie-...
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Could white spots under fingernails be an indicator of recent lies?

I heard it said that you could tell if someone had lied recently by looking at their fingernails. White spots indicated lies, with supposedly bigger spots indicating bigger lies. I've observed white ...
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Do polygraphs (lie-detectors) work?

Polygraphs are often used in fiction, but also sometimes in court or by government agencies and corporations. Physiological reactions from the subject are recorded and an operator interprets them to ...
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