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Did cultivated amaranth "almost disappear" from the Americas from the 1500s to the 1970s?

Iowa State University claims: After the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in Mexico in the early 1500s, amaranth almost disappeared in the Americas as a crop until research began on it in the U.S. ...
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Did Argentine President Juan Peron grant free access to the radio, the press and two soccer stadiums to a preacher called Tommy Hicks in 1954?

The title is a summary of claims I've read from several informal sources. For example, this site claims: It was in this environment that Tommy Hicks was welcomed into the presidential office. After ...
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Is a reasonable prediction that by the end of summer there would be ~45,000 deaths in Mexico?

In this video Funeral Homes in Mexico Reveal Coronavirus’ Hidden Death Toll | Coronavirus News says that government is underestimating the death toll. In this part says that health analyst from the ...
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Did Ecuador's privatization of its healthcare system (under Moreno) substantially reduce the number of ICU beds?

As claimed on What’s behind this crisis is that during the past three years, the neoliberal regime of President Lenín Moreno privatized the public health system and systematically ...
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Could COVID-19 infect ~78 million Mexicans?

This Imagen TV video (posted 27 February) (Spanish) reports a claim by Mexico's Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, that approximately 78 million Mexicans could end up with COVID-19, ~8 to ...
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Was the USA colonized by criminals?

There are some places on the Internet that claim that The Americas were (at least at the start) colonized by criminals and unwanted populations: North America was first colonized with ...
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