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About Korea as a whole, as opposed to North or South Korea.

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Were South Korean workers forcibly injected with amphetamines?

In a biographical article about the life of Jeon Tae-il, Wikipedia states that As a tailor, Jeon witnessed the horrendous working conditions in the Seoul Peace Market... Such conditions included ...
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Do cows need their tails when ploughing?

I was watching this documentary about North Korean defectors, and one of the claims struck me as very odd. One of the defectors claimed that the CIA was largely responsible for the famines in North ...
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Compared to Japanese people, do Koreans have narrow eyes?

In the article, "In polite Japan, vulgarities rise as hate speech spreads", it brings up anti-Korean sentiment in Japan. A Japanese person who was a member of a protest organized by Zaitokukai ...
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